Battlestar Orthrus


All of this has happened before, and will happen again.

The story begins with the Colonial diplomatic officer arriving at the Armistice Station, as he has done many times before. He believes that this year’s meeting will end like the previous thirty nine: with no appearance of the Cylons.

However, he is in for a shock.

Awakened from a nap by docking sounds, he waits and watches the double doors leading to the Cylon airlock with trepidation. Moments later, they open.

Metallic footfalls echo through the empty hall, becoming louder as they approach the conference room, and two Cylon Centurions appear with arm mounted weapons ready. These centurions are not like the ones encountered during the First Cylon War. These models are taller, sleeker, and eerily silent. After a moment, they bracket the door and their built in weapons are put away, revealing long, spidery fingers.

The officer breaks his mesmerized eyes from the newcomers as he hears another set of footfalls, also metallic sounding, coming from the hallway. This time, an older model Cylon comes into view and enters the conference room. It stops midway from the table and stands there silently for several moments. Before the officer stammers out a greeting, the Cylon speaks in a familiar metallic timbre.

“The Cylon Empire brings a message,” it says.

Licking his lips, the officer timorously asks, “What is it?”

“The armistice is over,” it replies as the two centurions behind it remount their weapons and open fire on the hapless officer, killing him instantly.



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