Battlestar Orthrus

Sacrificial Lambs

Episode 2 - Part 1

We see the Orthrus moving silently through the void, the Sister Josephine close by. Vipers on patrol zip by the camera. On screen, the following appears:



Holden, Stine, Ferrell and Hayes sat at a small table in the rec room; giving each other veiled looks. The pile of cubits in the center of the table had grown considerably, mostly at the expense of Stine’s wallet. With the changing of the Watch coming soon, this was going to be the last hand of Triad.

Stine shuffled through his cards with disgust, as he had less than frak to play with to try and win back his money. Fingering the last of the rectangular coins in front of him, he scooped them up and tossed them into the pot. “I’ve lost 99% of my money, might as well throw in the rest.”

“I like his attitude, actually,” Ferrell said to the others, half smiling.

“I’m all in,” Stine said to everyone.

“To which his date replied, ‘Are you sure?’” Hayes chuckled, noting the truculent countenance on Stine’s face. He picked up several cubits and threw them in. “All right, rick. That covers your bet.” He picked up a gold cubit and threw it after the first coins. “And I raise you ten.”

Stine let out a nettled exhalation of breath and tossed in his hand.

“Mr. Hot Shit thinks he’s got something over there,” Holden said.

“Oh, I know I have something,” Hayes replied.

Ferrell puckered his lips, covering his bet silently.

“I call,” Holden said, covering her bet.

With a wolfish grin, Hayes said, “Okay, little lady, show me what you got.”

Isabelle put her cards down and fanned it out with her hand. “Full Colors.”

The grin vanished from Hayes’ face. “Come the frak on!”

“You were right, Joker. You nearly had something,” Ferrell said, neatly stacking his losing hand in front of him.

“Of course he had something,” Stine said, the frustration in Hayes’ face seemed to make his complete washout worthwhile.

“Probably something nice,” Holden said, returning the same wolfish grin back to Joker. Before he had a chance to respond, the PA came to life.

“Watch change imminent. Set Condition Two throughout the ship. Jump preparation underway.”

“They’re playing our song, rick,” Joker said, slapping the table closest to Stine.

“You know, Joker. I don’t play to win. I just play to watch you lose,” Stine said as he got up from the table.

“Shaddup,” Hayes replied, punching the private in the arm good-naturedly. They walked out of the rec room as Captain Spansel entered.

“There you are,” the CAG said. “Come on, we’re on patrol once we finish the jump.”

“Hello, ‘Heaving Bosoms’. How are we today?” Ferrell said, turning in his seat to greet his commander with a grin.

Spansel ran his tongue underneath his lips before spitting it out in a trite gesture. “At least I should be thankful. For the last couple of jumps, you’ve been mostly quiet.”

“’Cos I had things to do,” Ferrell replied. Spansel’s face scrunched into familiar incredulity.

“Sitting your ass in a cockpit for thirty minutes and not having anything to do except to annoy me on the comm.”

Holden bit her lip to suppress a giggle as she collected the largesse of cubits on the table. Deep down, she knew that the currency was worthless now, but a small, stubborn part of her refused to believe that her way of life, the way of life for the human race, had really changed. Part of her rationalized that the strikes couldn’t have been that bad. That they’d be able to return to the Colonies one day, and deliver a most righteous payback to the Cylons that only the Lords of Kobol could give them.

“At least I wasn’t singing 99 Bottles of Ambrosia again,” Ferrell said, standing up from the table.

Spansel held up a hand in a warding gesture. “Please don’t,” he said, waving to the exit. Ferrell headed out with his CO.

Holden couldn’t resist. “Do him a favor and start from 75.” Spansel’s head snapped to Leslie as they walked out.

“So help me, Gods. If you do it in spoken word format again, I’m going to get out of my Viper and frakking kill you.”

“Is that a promise?”

“You really want to push it?” Spansel said as they both disappeared from Holden’s sight. Shoving cubits into every spare pocket she had, she cleared the table and dashed to CIC with a clinking gait.

In CIC, we see that the commander, the XO, and the Senior Officer of the Watch are already at their respective stations. The doors open and Holden heads to her station, with Maxwell making an acknowledging nod to her appearance.

“Lieutenant Lang?” Matthews asked expectantly. The lieutenant ran his fingers over the astrogation module. Typing in the last coordinates, he transmitted them to the FTL computer and forwarded the information to Holden.

“Jump prep complete, sir. Coordinates will be transmitted to the Sister Josephine shortly. FTL is spun up. Awaiting acknowledgment from civilian vessel.” He glanced at Holden, who nodded.

“Sister Josephine acknowledges receipt of coordinates and are on standby. Vipers all accounted for.”

“Ex’cute jump,” Maxwell ordered. The lieutenant turned the FTL key as commanded.

The battlestar is enveloped by a warp bubble and vanishes, followed by the Sister Josephine.

Klaxon alarms are going off and we see over the shoulder of a specialist that is watching DRADIS. On the screen, we see icons for the Orthrus and the Sister Josephine, the civilian vessel is aft of the battlestar. However, there are four icons surrounding them both, all marked UNKNOWN.

“Sir, we have multiple contacts! 327, mark 97. 88, mark 100. 79, mark 66 and 275, mark 20!” the specialist reported.



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