Commander Calum Maxwell

Commander - Battlestar Orthrus


Callsign: Selkie
Home Planet: Libris
Age: 53

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Calum Maxwell was born on Libris shortly before the First Cylon War. Born into comfortable wealth due to his family’s banking heritage, Calum was raised to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather in the banking industry. However, as well educated as Calum was, he never had a real head for numbers… unless they involved something he was interested in. To him, banking was dry and boring. He hated being seated at a desk for hours at a time drafting financial paperwork. So, when he came of age to join, he enlisted with the Colonial Fleet; much to the chagrin of his parents and extended family.

While enlisted, Calum discovered the one thing he was good at: flying Vipers. He also found that he had a head for numbers when it came to jump calculations, angles of attack, and fuel ratios. He earned the callsign “Selkie” after it was likened that he operated a Viper with as much agility as a Libran seal swimming underwater.

For the next thirty years, he rose steadily through the ranks, but never had inclination to move past being a pilot. Content with the status quo, he naively thought he’d fly Vipers until the day he died. Unfortunately, age began to wear on the officer and it became apparent that he would not pass the requisite yearly physical to remain flying.

In the end, he was approached by his commanding officer and given a choice: Either accept a commission to command a Battlestar or spend the rest of his term desk bound to administrative duty, eventually to be mustered out. Faced with such a choice, he reluctantly accepted the commission.

As a commander, he was given the Mercury class Battlestar Orthrus – BSG 87; named after the mythical two headed dog kin to Cerebus. His orders were to patrol the Armistice Line at the furthest reaches from the Colonies. For five years, Maxwell patrolled the Line for months at a time and only returned to the Colonies for resupply. During those long five years, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happened on his watch, and it began to vex him. He also began to doubt the wisdom of his choice. That all changed the day the Colonies were attacked.

Commander Calum Maxwell

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