Chief Petty Officer Jessica Stans

Chief Petty Officer - Battlestar Orthrus


Home Planet: Virgon
Age: 29

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From an early age, Jessica Stans loved tinkering with things. As a toddler, she would take apart some of her more sophisticated toys to see how they worked. Her parents, earning only a modest income, were pained by her actions but never circumscribed them. As she grew older, her disassembling became more refined and most times she was able to put the item in question back together.

As a teenager, she spent more time with her father fixing up late model cars than doing what girls her age were interested in: boys, makeup, or clothes. To Jessica, boys were only interesting to talk to if they knew their way around a car. Makeup was superfluous. Who in their right mind would wear makeup to work on a transmission? And clothes? A work jumpsuit heavily stained with grease and oil was far more desirable than any dress.

When she graduated high school, she decided that college wasn’t in the cards for her. So, she put her skills to good use and joined the Colonial Fleet. She tirelessly worked on several battlestars, eventually earning herself a berth on the Orthrus as Chief Petty Officer.

While Stans may be the empress of the deck, with mechanical skills to match, her social skills are rather retarded. When put into the spotlight, or meeting with groups of strangers, she becomes as quiet and shy as a mouse. Before the attack, the only time she was able to let loose was cheering her planet’s Pyramid team, the Boskirk All Reds, to victory.

Chief Petty Officer Jessica Stans

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