Christopher Van Uden

Former Tauron representative - Quorum of Twelve, now President


Home Planet: Tauron
Age: 45

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Christopher Van Uden is an example of how a man started locally and became a player in the Colonial government. He was born on Tauron, in the small city of Helorus. He had an aptitude for numbers and went to Taro College to major in Accounting. When he graduated, he moved back home and joined a small firm.

What started him on the path of politics was irritation with the city council and their transparent mismanagement of the city’s funds for even basic services. It bothered him so much, that he ran against his district’s council member. To everyone’s surprise, especially him, he won the seat.

From then on, he watched the council’s spending like a hawk, openly decrying accounting incompetency; not to mention cronyism in awarded contracts with the city and certain council members. While this did not earn him any friends on the council, it made him wildly popular with the city’s population. He was re-elected several times, each time he was able to replace the worst offending council members with others who shared his mindset. By the time he ran and was elected to be the representative for Tauron on the Quorum of Twelve, his home city had undergone a positive transformation.

Unfortunately, his ideals slowly but surely fell by the wayside when he integrated with the Colonial government. Back room deals became standard operating procedure. With regards to paying back his heavy supporters, he began to route favorable governmental contracts to them. This bad habit became worse when he was elected chair of the Budgetary Committee.

On Day Zero, he was on a fact finding tour, along with a few other representatives, of several Colonial “boneyards” on Leonis to determine if the ships stored there would be refitted for service or moved to be scrapped. It is either by luck or the Gods’ will that they were found by Captain Spansel on their mission to secure vessels and needed supplies for the fleet.

Christopher Van Uden

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