Dr. Lara Kale

Chief Medical Officer - Battlestar Orthrus; CYLON


Rank: Captain
Home Planet: Scorpia
Age: 41


The Kale name is easily recognizable in the Colonies, as it is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies on Scorpia. Lara’s grandparents founded the company prior to the First Cylon War. The company mainly focused its efforts to anti-inflammatories and cancer treatment, but later branched out into medicines to treat depression and PTSD after the war.

Naturally, Lara decided to follow in her parents’ footsteps and went to medical school. After she graduated, she initially decided to focus on emergency medicine and finished her residency at Iaso Memorial on Caprica. While there, she noticed that some of her patients were veterans from the war, still suffering from psychological trauma and receiving little help from the CVA. After seeing too many similar cases, she returned to school to specialize in psychiatry. After finishing her education, she joined the Colonial Fleet in order to start her residency within the CVA system; helping veterans still struggling with past trauma and life adjustment. Once finished, she was then assigned the Battlestar Orthrus as Chief Medical Officer, upon recommendation of the previous CMO who retired, where she has been for the past five years.

In her role as a doctor, she has honed her skills at making a patient feel comfortable and safe; even if the patient’s condition is critical. As a surgeon, she is competent, but not outstanding. However, she is capable in producing most basic medicines on the ship with the right raw materials. She is aware that after the Fall, her abilities are going to be needed more than ever.

Dr. Lara Kale

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