Henry Pendleton

Caprica Representative - Quorum of Twelve


Home Planet: Caprica
Age: 60

Photo credit: http://reelfanatic.blogspot.com/2011/03/of-remakes-stopped-crazy-and-just-plain.html


Duplicitous. Self-serving. Calculating. Ruthless.

These are but of a few adjectives to describe the representative of Caprica. All the hallmarks of a greedy businessman – which he was once, or an ambitious politician – which he is now.

Pendleton was born in the lower income suburbs of Caprica City. His father was a truck driver, one of the few jobs he was able to hold with any consistency, and his mother was clerk for a high end department store in the city proper. In the few excursions with his family to Caprica City, he saw what wealth could make possible. From a young age, he promised himself that he would surpass his lowly beginnings.

After finishing high school, he went to Triton College, majoring in Business Administration and completed his MBA shortly afterward. After landing a job within an import/export business, he began to maneuver his way to the top. At first, he used plain hard work but sometimes that was not enough. So, he started to document his co-workers’ “foibles” and kept it at hand. When one of his co-workers became a problem, or a nuisance, he would use the information gathered on them to destroy their careers. He did this indirectly, of course, with none of the damaging information ever tracing its way back to him.

After twenty years, he rose within the company from being an export manager to being its president. For the next ten years, he used his position and wealth to merge several smaller companies into his own, turning it from a regional player to a Colonial wide powerhouse.

However, Pendleton’s aspirations desired something more than mere money. He wanted to make his mark in Colonial history, and the way to do that was to become a Colonial representative. He started out investigating the background of the Caprican representative of the time. In short order, he discovered that the representative had skeletons in his closet – a multitude in fact.

Pendleton ingratiated himself into the representative’s inner circle, from there he systematically brought the hapless representative’s political career to its knees. Having no other option, the representative was forced to resign in disgrace. With the ink barely dry on the resignation letter, Pendleton called a news conference and took credit for the leaks that led to the representative’s downfall, citing his reason behind what he did as a genuine concern for Caprica and its people. Suitably impressed by this speech, the President nominated Pendleton to fill the now empty seat. When re-elections came around, Pendleton won handily. For the next ten years, he served on the Quorum of Twelve, being known as either an implacable ally or foe, depending on the circumstances.

On Day Zero, he was with several representatives touring the Leonis “boneyards” on a fact finding mission. They were found by Captain Spansel on his mission to secure vessels and needed supplies for the fleet.

Henry Pendleton

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