Isabelle "Izzy" Holden

Comms - Battlestar Orthrus


Home Planet: Picon
Age: 27


The name Holden would go down in infamy for the Panthers, Picon’s own pyramid team.

Twenty-five years ago, Julian Holden went on to score the winning points versus their ages old rivals the Leonis Wildcats. Julian’s father had a long standing history with the Panthers, and his grandfather had been captain of the Sagittaron Archers. Uncles, aunts, cousins, every member of the Holden household had been tied to the game of Pyramid since generations long past.

Julian’s own children went into the sport. His oldest, Marshall, retired to sports writing and commentary after three seasons of the best Panthers’ game play in the last decade. Shane likewise went into the Panther training camp, but an injury in the preseason kept him out off the field that year, and he turned into training coach when the injury went sour. His youngest and only daughter, Isabelle, never played past high school due to poor health after a near fatal accident. She was ghost writing under Marshall for the latter part of her senior year, and once into college, she had begun studying for her own journalism career.

Brent, the youngest son, four years older than Isabelle, he was set to team up with Samuel Anders and win the Kobol Cup. A week before the playoff game, the Panther’s head coach came to the press, tying Brent Holden in with years of win betting, stim use, alcohol abuse, and a prostitution scandal. Who in the family had been hiding Brent’s little problems? Holdens, one and all, were quickly shuffled out of their most beloved sport.

Running away from the shadow cast by her family shame, she quickly enlisted into the Colonial Fleet, praying that time away from the colonies and the public could bring her some relief. Three years ago, she was assigned to the Orthrus, still hiding from public scrutiny.

Within the first 6 weeks of Holden’s arrival onto the Orthrus, she was involved in two separate altercations needing minor medical attention. The first time was after an incident in the mess hall. Holden came away with slight bruising and a split lip. Officially it was documented as an allergic reaction to the Gemenese nuts used in the meals, while rumor among the enlisted suggested that Isabelle had been verbally derided about her brother’s illustrious past, and while trying to take the marine to task, ended up with the injuries as a result of trying to break free of the two men trying to keep her from killing the marine. The second was from a mysterious occurrence of Isabelle tripping over unstowed cargo in one of the outer passageways. Several stitches and a splint later, and – what might have been a failed attempt to punch in the face of the unnamed marine from the previous mess hall event, missing, and hitting the bulkhead – was instead written off.

Since that time, Holden has spent her time infrequently in the mess hall, and avoiding the rec rooms entirely. Over the communication networks, she concise, but far more interested in the voices at the other end of the line. And while curious to a fault, she tries to keep her distance from most everyone on the Orthrus.

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Isabelle "Izzy" Holden

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