Jack Ingram

Vice President - Former Leonis Representative, now Vice President


Home Planet: Leonis
Age: 43


Jack Ingram is a Leonis native, coming from a long line of disenfranchised military-turned-shipbuilders. Generations ago, Leonis sparked some of the early civil wars amongst the colonies, namely against Picon, with Jack’s family firmly backing the fighting. Picon was on the verge of capitulation when Scorpia, a some time ally of Leonis, stopped playing favorites and sided with both Picon and Caprica. After the three colonies bombed Leonis into little more than a husk, Jack’s family suffered the most, losing nearly three generations on his father’s side. He grew up in a household that could barely keep above the poverty line.

With impoverishment on one side of his life’s coin, prejudicial hatred was on the other. In order to provide for his family, he performed contract work for the few shipyards remaining in orbit. However, the dismissive looks and condescending attitudes from visiting military representatives never went unnoticed by the young Leonid. In fact, it made Jack even more resentful. At one point, he considered blowing up a visiting Picon vessel that was berthed for repairs, using his his engineering knowledge to that end.

What stopped him was the unavoidable reality that his plan would ultimately serve no purpose, either to him or to his suffering colony. Even if he wasn’t caught, public opinion would solidify against the Leonids; dismissing the brutal gesture as an act of fractiousness by a subservient colony. After coming to terms with that realization, he came to the conclusion that the only way to change the fortunes of his colony, and inflict damage on those that wronged them, was to do it politically.

Years after the civil war that brought them to ruin, the Quorum of Twelve was actually a Quorum of Eleven, with Picon standing in for both colonies. Viewing this political arrangement as unacceptable, bordering on insulting, Jack used every spare moment from work to assist the grassroots movement to allow Leonids to pick their representative to the Quorum, as opposed to Picon unfairly adjudicating in their place. While not the smartest or the most charismatic, Jack did have one thing in his corner – he could deliver results. Whether it was fund-raising or manpower, he brought them to the movement in spades. After petitioning the Quorum for several years, through two different administrations, the Leonids got their wish. They would be allowed to nominate, and be represented by, one of their own.

After the pronouncement was made, Jack threw his hat into the ring for the nomination. Regrettably, he was not seriously considered, being only viewed as a replaceable tool rather than an indispensable asset. Although the initial race was close, he lost in the runoffs. Undeterred, he congratulated his opponent and promised to use his resources to further back the newly elected representative.

Seven months later, while returning from Caprica, the Leonis representative and his staff died in a freak shuttle accident. The investigation that followed the accident gleaned that an airlock had malfunctioned, venting all inside into outer space. Now leaderless, the Leonids looked to Jack as a replacement. With a little nudging, he agreed.

Since becoming representative, he has fought zealously for Leonis, building alliances with the other less successful colonies to force concessions from the richer ones. Through these acts of goodwill, he received a seat on the Budgetary Committee, finding himself working alongside its chairman – Christopher Van Uden. During these interactions, a clear rapport blossomed between the two, with Van Uden making declarations and Ingram delivering what the chairman needed.

On the day the Cylons attacked, Jack was with Van Uden and several other representatives on a tour of the Leonis “boneyards”. His plan was to get as many of the mothballed vessels back up and running, with new contracts to build more ships on Leonis. He, along with the others, was rescued by Captain Spansel on his mission to secure extra military vessels for the fleet.

Despite the loss of his home, Jack has taken to the new circumstances within the fleet rather well. So much so that it seems, to the outside observer, he acts as if the Fall has not even occurred. To him, it’s just another day. To scheme, to deal, and to inflict ‘equity’ on any Picon that dares to cross his path.

Jack Ingram

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