Captain Jayson Spansel

CAG - Battlestar Orthrus


Callsign: Ajax
Home Planet: Picon
Age: 34

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GM Notes: Spansel’s original callsign was ‘Trojan’, which everybody had issues with. Namely, they kept calling him Trojan Man and made prophylactic jokes. This led to a light hearted discussion in what would be his new call sign. The GM proffered ‘Ajax’, which then led to naming cleaning products like ‘Tidy Bowl’, ‘Drain-o’, ‘Palmolive’, and ‘Scrubbing Bubbles’. Fortunately, Ajax stayed.


If there was a visual representation in the dictionary for ‘unremarkable’, it would have the captain’s photo right next to the definition. A third generation military brat, Spansel grew up on Picon, listening to the war stories at his grandfather’s knee. His father was a retired, and decorated, Colonial Marine who decided he liked terra firma better than flying. His mother died when he was fourteen, a victim of lupus.

After finishing high school, he went to Trident University and eventually graduated law school. As a newly minted lawyer, he specialized in corporate law, with his sub-specialty in Colonial Law. At the outset, he enjoyed the work hard, play hard lifestyle. He became a partner at a medium sized corporate law firm and was comfortable, financially and materially.

But, he ended up burning himself out only after four years on the job. He now hated what used to be enjoyable to him. It was now a chore, an obligation, rather than something he could see himself doing into his old age. At a loss at what to do with his life, he found himself incessantly daydreaming in his office about the war stories his grandfather told him. The more he thought about them, the better the life in the military looked. So, at the age of 27, he resigned from work and applied for Officer Candidate School.

He graduated OCS and Flight School in short order, being first assigned to the Battlestar Minos for two years. He was then promoted to captain and transferred to the Orthrus as the new CAG, which he has served on for the past five years.

As the CAG, he has his hands full coordinating patrol rosters and duty assignments. He enjoys it, though, more than he ever did his law practice. His only source of contention is his best pilot, Lt. Leslie Ferrell. To Spansel, Ferrell is a conundrum. One one hand, the lieutenant is the best pilot he’s ever seen. On the other, he cannot stand the way his wing-man amuses himself, usually at the CAG’s expense. He has slowly built up resistance to Ferrell’s idiosyncrasies, but since the Fall the lieutenant may end up one day stepping over the line and regretting it.

Captain Jayson Spansel

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