Kennichi Fuoka

Chief Medical Officer of the Orthrus, Canceron representative - Quorum of Twelve


Home Planet: Gemenon
Age: 37


Born to highly religious parents, Kennichi Fuoka grew up eating, sleeping, and breathing the tenets of Apollo. They molded his worldview and his outlook on life so much that he desired above all else to be a medical professional. Add the fact that his parents followed an Apollo sect with a stricture for nonviolence made it a perfect fit.

He went to Kobol College for medical school and also minored in hydroponics and genetics. While there, he picked up his only vice: gambling. As it was not allowed in his household, Fuoka took to it rather obsessively after being introduced to Triad by his roommate. It didn’t take long for him to gain a reputation as a sharper.

After completing his residency requirements at Asclepius Hospital on Gemenon, he decided that he and his skills were not being used to their fullest. After exploring several avenues of practice, he decided on being a doctor in the federal penal system on Canceron. While there, he treated all his patients equally, from murderers to prison guards.

When the Cylons attacked, he decided to stay behind and treat the grievously wounded. He and a small group of guards and former prisoners were found by Lt. Malcolm Kirkland and his away team during their mission to secure mining and refining vessels.

Kennichi Fuoka

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