Lieutenant Christopher Lang

Senior Officer of the Watch - Battlestar Orthrus


Age: 29
Home Planet: Aquaria


“Competent officer, naturally talented, but the most unluckiest son of a bitch I’ve met.”
- Colonel Brandon Majoria on Lt. Lang

Christopher Lang is a superlative officer. Bright and well educated, it’s surprising to some Fleet brass that he has not made executive officer on a battlestar. The one thing that holds him back is not lack of ability, but an overabundance of bad luck.

Born on Aquaria, his first brush with ill fortune occurred when he was seven. On a fishing trip with his father, he found himself thrown overboard by a rogue wave and nearly drowned. That incident sparked a life long love affair with thalassophobia. Being an Aquarian, this fear was problematic for his parents; as they owned a seaside home and had maritime occupations. Eventually, they sold their residence and moved inland in order to placate their only child. With his phobia circumscribing some of his leisure activities, Lang dove into books to feed his voracious need to learn. In school, he was a brilliant student and earned a scholarship to Picis University, where he majored in computer science.

At the time he was attending college, the Aquarian government wanted to steal away some of Caprica’s thunder as being the high technology demesne for the Colonies. In order to do that, they offered lavish tax subsidies to coax technology-centric businesses to relocate to Aquaria. For a time, the scheme proved rather successful. Lang, mindful of the economic development the government was trying to achieve, found himself sought after by the newly emigrated businesses. Prior to graduating, he already had a high paying job lined up. However, the boom was wasn’t meant to last.

The government, now hemorrhaging money because of the subsidies, had to plug several large budgetary holes. They rescinded the tax breaks and reinstated an even higher tax rate on the very businesses they initially tried to attract. Almost overnight, the tech sector collapsed and firms pulled up stakes and left, Lang’s employer being one of them. Less than a year after graduation, he found himself out of a job, laden with student loans, and no real opportunities headed his way.

After several failed attempts to find a comparable job, and a string of low paying ones, Lang joined the Colonial Fleet and entered Officer Candidate School. Ironically, although he still had a fear of oceans, the vacuum of space didn’t scare him at all. However, his bad luck reared its ugly little head several times throughout his training.

While performing physical training, he pulled a groin muscle, which sent him to the Holding Company for four weeks so he could recuperate. Not two days after being cleared to resume physical training, he sprained his left ankle, which put him another two weeks behind. During one of the final training exercises, he nearly died. His group was performing a low orbit Raptor evacuation drill, where they were to bail out of a Raptor assumed to be critically damaged, free float for a set period of time, and await rescue. During the free float portion of the exercise, the oxygen system on his suit malfunctioned and stopped working. He lost consciousness before the rescue Raptor arrived, but was successfully resuscitated with little time to spare when brought on board. He spent a few days in the hospital after that little adventure.

Upon completing his training, he received his commission and was assigned to the Battlestar Orthrus, where he has been the senior officer of the watch for the past three years. He excels in astrogation, jump calculations, and programming but does not perform well while under pressure; which leads him to make mistakes. To date, Lang has never calculated a mis-jump but inwardly dreads the day it will, according to him, eventually happen.

Lieutenant Christopher Lang

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