Major Kellan Matthews

Executive Officer - Battlestar Orthrus


Callsign: Ridge Runner
Home Planet: Leonis
Age: 37

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Kellan Matthews was born on Leonis, the subjugated colony of Picon. Being a shipbuilder’s son, he spent his formative years in orbit on a shipbuilding station above the planet. His father was his only parent, if you could call him that, and did little other than feed and clothe him. Before he was of legal age to work, his father kicked him out of the housing unit to make room for his new girlfriend. Left to his own devices, he applied for work, lying on his application about his age. Since help was scarce, no one bothered to check.

The station’s contract with the Colonial Fleet was to manufacture Leo Landers, an armed assault shuttle designed to deploy marines into contested areas too dangerous for Raptors. For ten years, he invested his blood and sweat into making the ships. Then, at the age of twenty five, he realized that he would end up like his father, drunk and penniless on an outdated station, if he kept this up. At the first opportunity, his enlisted with the Colonial Fleet and never returned home.

His aptitude for piloting shuttles earned him a spot flying the very ships he built. He was given the nickname “Ridge Runner” for his habit of hugging ground terrain in order to make the shuttle a smaller target. He also earned several commendations and a reputation for being cool under fire when, during an insurrection on Aerelon, he used his shuttle to draw fire from the marine unit that just deployed from his ship.

The unit was outnumbered, at least three to one, by a group of heavily armed rebels trying to overrun a small military outpost. Despite not being designed as an attack craft, Matthews used his knowledge of the ship’s capabilities to his advantage, driving off several waves of attacks before he and the marines were relieved by reinforcements. After returning to base, he was commended for his actions and given a promotion to captain.

During a celebratory trip to Libris, he made two acquaintances. One was a blind date with a Virgon who would eventually become his wife. The other was Colonel Calum Maxwell, a Viper pilot who played a mean game of Triad. On that brief trip, Matthews developed a strong bond of friendship with the man who, later on, requested him personally to be his executive officer on the Orthrus.

As XO, he is known as being good natured to a fault, but an unfaltering presence on deck. He also takes his position too seriously, as his commander has gently tried to show him. It hasn’t worked so far, but Maxwell keeps trying.

With the destruction of the Colonies, Matthews has very little hope of seeing his wife and two children alive or ever. Not a religious man, he does pray from time to time, asking the Lords to watch over them and to keep them safe. He has not come to terms with the inevitable conclusion that they were killed when the Cylons attacked.

Major Kellan Matthews

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