Mark Stolar

Former captain of the Telchine


Home planet: Aquaria
Age: 44


If you asked anyone from Mark’s hometown of Mounte Verna on what he would be when he became an adult, they would say, “A pilot.”

Mark Stolar was an only child to relatively well to do parents. His father worked as a contract fisherman for a locally owned fishing conglomerate and his mother ran a bakery. He was still a child when the armistice was signed, ending the First Cylon War. The only thing he remembered of it was the shows and cartoons that came after, glorifying the Colonial Fleet’s mission in destroying the Cylons; sacrificing historical accuracy for toy promotion and propaganda. Digesting a steady diet of the media growing up, Mark decided that he would join the Colonial Fleet and become a Viper jockey.

Only it didn’t work out that way.

After passing the physical requirements easily, he had a harder time with actually flying Vipers. He washed out of flight school after repeatedly failing several airmanship tests. From then on, he spent the remainder of his term flying shuttles.

After he was discharged, he returned home. He went to work helping his father on his fishing vessel. For a time, he was content, but that feeling was short lived. He wanted to do more with his life than work on a fishing boat. He wanted to fly amongst the stars, rather than staring up at them at night. He left home again and moved inland to live in Bari, one of the major spaceports.

He was hired by Hermes Ltd., a freight transportation company. Although he did not have the skills to fly a Viper, what he did know was more than enough to fly heavy transports. He worked for the company for the next ten years, piloting the GT Telchine.

The day the Cylons attacked, he was busy transporting textiles to Aerelon. When the order came to freeze the civilian traffic lanes, Mark knew that obeying that order was tantamount to a death sentence. Convincing several nearby captains to disobey the order, they jumped away to an seldom traveled sector just outside the Colonial system. There, they waited for help that never came.

In the days that followed, the small fleet jumped several times to avoid detection. With each jump, they came across other civilian ships that had the same idea they did. Eventually, they were discovered by the Pegasus. What should have been a gift from the Gods turned into a nightmare when the military forcibly boarded their ships and took what they needed – either personnel or equipment and food. When it was done, the Pegasus jumped away, leaving them to certain death.

By the time the Orthrus happened upon what was left of the civilian fleet, Stolar’s temperament was fully against the Colonial Fleet. Expecting more of the same from Commander Maxwell, Stolar fomented a short, but futile, mutiny against the commander. It was only by the persuasive entreaties by Sister Marion that saved him from execution.

He is currently incarcerated in the Orthrus’ brig. Release date, unknown.

Mark Stolar

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