Gunnery Sergeant Meredith Lucas

Gunnery Sergeant - Colonial Marines


Home Planet: Tauron
Age: 32

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Lucas was born on Tauron, an unforgiving frozen planet. Her family was middle class, her parents working in the high technology sector. Her mother, Christine, doted on her incessantly while her father, Daniel, gave her nothing but scorn and contempt. Albeit she was his offspring, he dearly wanted a son to carry on the family name. With her birth, and her mother’s subsequent reproductive complications, left her the only child. This did not sit well with her father, who spent their excess income in fertility treatments to try and conceive a son. After a substantial amount of cubits were spent, he had to accept the reality that Meredith would be his only progeny; but he didn’t like it.

As she grew older, the relationship with her father grew worse. Nothing was ever good enough for his approval. No matter how well she did in school, athletics, or in her hobbies he rarely gave her praise and when he did it was in a back handed, almost an afterthought, sort of way. At age 22, her mother died of pneumonia and that drove her father further away from her. He withdrew into himself and made little contact with his daughter. As a last insult, he cut off her tuition to Taro University in her junior year.

Faced with a lack of income, she reluctantly joined the Colonial Military in the hopes that the financial benefits would be enough for her to continue her education. During basic training, something changed within her. Snapped, really. All the recruits in her group were mostly men, and more often than not, they looked down on her abilities. That caused her to channel the years of abuse from her father into a weapon. She used it whenever she could, humiliating any man that had the bad luck in crossing her path. After basic training, her accomplishments were actually recognized, much to her surprise, and she was promoted to sergeant within a short time.

By now, the thought of returning to college was a far away memory, and she had a better playground in which to have fun: being a marine. At the time of the attack, she held the rank of gunnery sergeant, decorated with several service medals and a reputation of brooking no bullshit from anyone under her.

Gunnery Sergeant Meredith Lucas

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