Petty Officer Galenos Varen

Gunner - Battlestar Orthrus


Home Planet: Canceron
Age: 24
Height: 5’ 10’’
Weight: 205 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Distinguishing Marks: Tattoo of Canceron Symbol on left arm; Various gang insignia tattoos on right arm.


Being born on Canceron, Galenos never had what you would call an easy life. He learned of the harshness of life at age 6 when his mother, Victoria, died of an unexplained illness. After his mother’s death, Galenos was cared for soley by his father, Adam, who had turned to drink for comfort after his wife died. By all accounts his father cared for him well, making sure he kept up with schooling and making sure the two of them had four walls and food to eat. His father never had much of a mean streak, and never rose a hand to Galenos when the boy did wrong. Things were good for a long while, and both Galenos and his father supported each other through thick and thin. That ended when his father died of a heart attack when Galenos was 15. Too much drinking destroyed the man’s liver, and his heart gave out. Galenos has never touched the stuff, promising his father he wouldn’t die the same way.

After his father died, Galenos was approached by some of his father’s business partners. Turns out his father made money to support himself and Galenos by running errands for the local black market. Galenos was offered a modest sum to help out with a few errands of his own, out of respect for his father. Galenos agreed to help out for only a few jobs, but it soon turned into one job after another. Galenos didn’t mind, though. He liked working for his father’s friends, and he quickly found that he had a gift for taking a hit as well as dishing them out. After a few months, he became well known amongst his peers as a brawler and an enforcer who didn’t ask questions. He worked with many people over the next few years, but he never worked a job that required him to kill anybody. All that came to an end when Galenos and the group he was with robbed a local trader’s store. During the encounter, the trader was killed by one of the group members. Local authorities were alerted by the shop owner and arrived shortly thereafter. Galenos and three others were captured and charged with being an accessory to voluntary manslaughter. Galenos faced 4 to 6 years in a prison, most likely tylium mining on the opposite pole of his home. But the gods stepped in that day, when he was offered an opportunity to enlist and serve the colonies rather than most likely die in the tylium mines. Galenos jumped at the opportunity to avoid a harsher prison sentence.

Galenos was put into boot camp and was a marine soon after. His first and only assignment is as a gunner aboard the Battlestar Orthrus. In the three years prior to the Cylon attack, Galenos spent his time on duty manning one of the guns on board the Orthrus and spending time with whoever would hang around him when off duty. Since that is not many, he traded whatever he could for books that other marines had and kept himself company with reading. He also found himself quite at home in the sparring ring, and the other marines didn’t mind taking out their aggressions on a convict-turned-marine. Galenos didn’t mind taking the the punches and throws, as he felt like he was part of something, if even for a moment. Maybe one day, they would actually accept him as one of their own. Even if they don’t, Galenos doesn’t mind that either. This is just another punch he has to roll with.

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Petty Officer Galenos Varen

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