Lance Corporal Sydney Hayes

Lance Corporal - Colonial Marines ; CYLON


Age: 34
Home Planet: Caprica


Lance Corporal Sydney Hayes is a likeable fellow. But, being likeable does not always pan out to good career choices.

Born on Caprica to middle class parents he grew up in a stable, yet banal, household. Both parents were lawyers and ran their own firm. During his formative years, they initially let him run wild, within reason. Unfortunately, Sydney never appreciated that freedom. He was popular in school, but his grades constantly suffered, both from lack of interest and his constant acting out. The last straw was when he streaked during the half time show of his high school’s championship Pyramid game. The following week, he was removed from classes and enrolled in Sparta Military Academy.

After nearly 16 years of relatively few restrictions, military life was a ass-kicking, sobering wake up call. It didn’t matter how popular he was previously, now he had to tow the line and it killed him. He had to learn to listen and to obey. He also had to learn to keep his mouth shut, but that was a harder lesson to learn. Always quick with a disrespectful remark, he mouthed off one time too many to his drill sergeant and that earned his entire squad a 15 mile run. At first, his squad gave him a pass. But, when Sydney’s behavior constantly got them into trouble, they acted.

While out on practice maneuvers, his squad ambushed him when they were out of sight of prying eyes, tied him spread-eagled between two trees, and used him as a tackle dummy. After they were finished, they dragged him back to base, claiming he suffered from the runs. Sydney never cracked wise in front of his drill sergeant ever again after that.

When he graduated, he soon found that his lack of attention to his education had cost him. He didn’t have the grades to enter college and what skills he did have didn’t translate to a well paying job. With reluctance, he joined the Colonial Military and began his nomadic journey from colony to colony. He spent the most time on Aerelon and saw just how backward the place was, worse off than Sagittaron.

It was during this sojourn that Sydney actually grew up. Although he was mouthy as ever, he kept it close to the line without going over it. He picked up the nickname “Joker” for keeping his fellow enlisted entertained with his anecdotes and acerbic wit when it came to disrespecting the officers. Over the past sixteen years, he has lost his sergeant stripes twice, the most recent sending him off to be berthed on the Orthrus. His transferal occurred only a month before the attack on the Colonies.

Lance Corporal Sydney Hayes

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