Lt. Jason Vesterfelt

viper pilot - Battlestar Orthas - KILLED IN ACTION


Blonde Hair
Blue eyes
230 lbs
athletic build

Jason was born on Picon. He grew up in a family of privilege, the old silver spoon in mouth, so he grew up with an attitude of entitlement that his mother and father instilled in him. Later in life, it turned into arrogance and a big ego. Jason grew up idolizing his grandfather, and they were also very close. His grandfather was a well known Viper pilot, and he always had a war story to tell Jason. Jason was determined to be a Viper pilot like his grandfather, and he tried to emulate everything about him. Unfortunately he copied everything but his grandfather’s humility. Growing up, Jason was blessed with good looks and athletic prowess. He was not the biggest, but he always knew how to use his strengths to give him an edge. In high school, he was a All-Star Pyramid player. This fed his ego, and the attention he got from scouts and the ladies only made it worse. On his 21st birthday, his grandfather passed away. He decided it was time for him to become a Viper Pilot to honor his grandfather’s memory and to make some new stories of his own. So Jason went to the Viper Academy and proved to be the best in his class but also in “having fun.” He was a hotshot and loved the ladies. He would visit the local military bar often. One night he met a attractive woman who later on would break his heart. Shortly after his heart was broken Jason flunked out of Viper Academy due to lack of discipline and skill. Jason soon thereafter fell into a depression knowing he just failed to honor his grandfather and in fact he probably dishonored him. Many years have gone by, and he has spent his time playing pyramid professionally where he still is able to get the excitement and attention that he craves.

Now after the Cylon invasion he is aboard a civilian luxury ship that is part of the civilian fleet of the Battlestar Orthas. his luck seems to have changed cause wouldn’t you know it, the Orthas needs Viper Pilots. Maybe this is his chance to honor his grandfather. Only time will tell…..

Lt. Jason Vesterfelt

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