Captain Malcom Kirkland

Captain - Colonial frigate Taniwha


Home Planet: Virgon
Age: 27

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Malcolm Kirkland is a soft spoken, quiet individual. He was raised by his mother, he never knew his father, who taught him not to be dependent on others. Her devotion to Apollo translated into rearing her child as strictly as possible, while pushing him to do the best that he could. He excelled in his early education, receiving a full scholarship to Gemenon University.

Unfortunately, once out of the stringent control of his mother, he sowed several acres of wild oats long denied him. His partying and seldom class attendance ultimately cost him his scholarship and he ended up quitting school only after a semester and a half.

After dropping out, he knew he couldn’t go back home, as he’d never hear the end of it from his overbearing mother. With few options and no skills, he enlisted with the Colonial Fleet. After his unstructured debacle at college, he took to the regulated military life like a duck to water. Ironically, he enjoyed it more than he ever did growing up at home, as he didn’t have his mother breathing down his neck.

During his second tour of duty, he went back to college and got his Bachelor’s in business administration. When it came time to re-enlist, he applied for Officer Candidate School. He graduated from the program with ease, and was assigned to the Orthrus just three months prior to the Cylon attack.

Recently, he has been promoted to captain and now commands his own vessel, the Anaconda, in defense of the fleet.

Captain Malcom Kirkland

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